Where to Sell Feet Pics for Free [Top 15 Website]

Where to Sell Feet Pics for Free : Are you ready to learn about an increasingly popular way to earn extra income by selling feet photos? Both men and women are earning extra dollars by selling pictures of their feet.

This niche marketplace makes it easy, practical, and profitable to sell photos of your feet in a safe, legal, and anonymous way.

People’s interest in this interesting market is continuously increasing. Nowadays, many people have come to know about earning money by selling feet pics, which is why you will find their videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Today, we have brought you a list of 15 such best websites where you can easily sell feet pics. In this article, We will discuss the features, negative aspects, and how to sell feet pics of all these websites.

Where to Sell Feet Pics for Free

Here Are the 15 Best Sites to Sell Feet Pics

1. Feetfinder (Highly Recommended)

Feetfinder is a membership-based platform that enables foot models to share and sell their pictures and videos of their feet. It is a highly popular website for marketing foot content, with over 150,000 feet of content creators as of 2023.

The user base of Fun with Feet is primarily comprised of foot fetish enthusiasts who can select the categories that align with their interests.


Large user base.
Easy to set up a profile.
Dedicated to foot content.
Highest Recommended platform for sell feet pic

2. OnlyFans

This is the most popular website where you can easily sell feet photos by creating a profile. OnlyFans is a membership-based platform, so the website keeps 20% of your earnings.


However, this platform is not just about feet photos; you can also sell other types of content here. Its large user base makes it an attractive option for creators.


Large user base.
Multiple monetization options.
Enhanced privacy controls.
Payouts through various methods.


Competition from various content types.
Platform fees.

3. Instafeet:

Instafeet is a dedicated platform for selling foot photos. This is the most secure and reliable website because to create a profile here, you must verify your account by giving your ID.

For this reason, the possibility of fraud on this website is very low. It allows you to create a profile showing photos of your feet and set your prices.


Dedicated to foot content.
Easy to set up a profile.
Control over pricing.


Smaller user base compared to mainstream social media.
Limited to feet pics.


Feetify is a marketplace connecting foot models with buyers. The biggest feature of this website is that it provides a secure environment for transactions, including anonymous payments.


Most of the customers come here only to buy pictures of feet; hence, most of the audience of this website is only interested in pictures of feet.

Here, it will be very easy for you to sell pictures of your feet. On this website, you will find mostly people who like busy content.

Feetify is the first and only site that gives daily cash rewards to premium models even if no buyers purchase from them. But this website does not charge any kind of commission for sharing pictures of feet.


Secure transaction environment.
Option for anonymous payments.
Verified user system.
User-friendly interface.


Smaller user base.
Competition from similar platforms.

5. Dollar Feet

DollarFeet is a straightforward platform designed to sell photos of feet. This website is not comfortable for those who do not want to reveal their identity.

Dollar Feet

To create an account on this website, you have to fill out a form in which all your details should be filled correctly, and you also have to make a small video.

Your height and weight are required in the model application, and you will not be accepted if you are not an “athletic” model.

On this platform, you can sell feet photos and videos and get money within 24 hours. Most people say this website is safe, but we advise you to be cautious.


Focuses solely on feet pics.
Easy listing and pricing.
Quick and hassle-free transactions.
Supportive community.


Smaller user base compared to larger platforms.
It may not have as many monetization options.

6. Feetpics

As its name suggests, this website is designed to sell pictures of feet. This is a great website for people selling feet pictures and video clips. Footpics.com is a dedicated marketplace for foot lovers.


This website has subscription-based profiles; most customers are ready to buy feet pictures.

Using the chat system, fans who have an active subscription to your profile or who you follow can message you to request a custom order.

Additionally, you can promote yourself as a brand and monetize your profile.


Specialized platform for feet pics.
Enhanced interaction options.
Easy listing process.


Smaller user base compared to mainstream platforms.
Competition from similar platforms.

7. Foap

This platform is similar to OnlyFans. This website is not dedicated only to selling feet photos; other types of content are also sold here.

If you also want to sell pictures of your feet here, then the user base of this website is 3 million; hence, the chances of selling the pictures increase a lot.

You will also find big brands to buy pictures from, like Nivea company, which has bought many pictures from here.

There is only one negative aspect of this website; here, you have to give 50% of your earnings to this website.


Secure transaction environment.
Option for anonymous payments.
Verified user system.
Easy listing process


Smaller user base.
Competition from similar platforms.

8. Etsy

While Etsy is primarily known for handmade and vintage items, it is also a platform where you can sell feet photos as digital downloads.

Etsy is also a reputable platform compared to other best sites for selling feet photos. Some Etsy stores sell photos of feet in packages, but if you’re inventive, you can sell items using photos of your feet.

Here, you can easily sell pictures of feet and other items like foot rings, anklets, etc. This website takes a commission for the content sold.


Established a platform with a large audience.
Creative freedom in listing your digital products.
Trusted payment processing.
Access to a diverse customer base.


Competition from various types of digital downloads.
Platform fees.

9. Craigslist:

Craigslist is a classified advertising platform where you can list photos of your feet locally. Founded in 1995, Craigslist has become a go-to resource for buying, selling, renting, and finding a wide range of goods and services.

The biggest feature of this website is that you can create advertisements of your feet photos by targeting the country and city; this increases the chances of selling your photos.

It’s important to note that since Craigslist won’t monitor payments, you’ll have to take precautions against fraud yourself.


Free to use.
Target local buyers.
Quick and simple listings.
Potential for in-person transactions.


Limited reach compared to online platforms.
Safety concerns when meeting buyers in person.

10. Snapchat:

Snapchat offers a unique way to sell feet photos through private stories or direct messages. This is a social media platform where most pictures are shared.

Here, you can create a profile with any other name, upload pictures of your feet, and attract customers to buy the pictures.

You can get very good customers from here. From here, you can direct the customers you meet to other dedicated foot photo-selling platforms where you can sell the photos safely.


Private and intimate interactions.
Control over content visibility.
Engage with subscribers through messages.
Easy-to-use platform.


Limited to mobile users.
Requires a dedicated fan base to be profitable.

11. Reddit

Reddit hosts various subreddits where you can share and sell photos of feet. These communities provide a platform to interact with potential buyers.

The r/feetpics subreddit has over 300,000 subscribers. There are lots of potential customers who are ready to buy your images.

Here, you can join relevant Reddit communities like r/feet, r/feetfindercom, r/feetpics, and r/VerifiedFeet, where you will find only people interested in feet pictures, so you can easily find your feet here. Will be able to sell photos.


Access to niche communities.
Free to use.
Engagement with like-minded individuals.
Anonymity if desired.


Limited exposure compared to mainstream platforms.
Varying subreddit rules and moderation.

12. Instagram:

Although not an adult-oriented platform, Instagram allows you to share photos of your feet and connect with potential buyers.

But on these websites, you can create an account with any other name, upload pictures of your feet, attract people who buy them, and sell pictures of your feet to them.

You can use features like Stories, Reels, and IGTV to engage your audience.

You will have to take care of its rules on Instagram because you cannot post too much obscene content; otherwise,, your account can also be suspended.


Access to a massive user base.
Variety of content formats.
Easy to build a personal brand.
Potential for organic growth.


Strict content guidelines.
Limited options for direct monetization.

13. AllThingsWorn

AllThingsWorn is a versatile platform where you can sell foot photos and other adult items like lingerie, socks, and more.

This platform is for a specific audience interested in erotica, so it becomes very easy to sell feet pictures here.

Here, you just have to creatively take pictures of your feet and upload them on this website, and customers will automatically come to you.

Here, you can also interact with customers to attract them more to buy pictures.


A diverse range of items to sell.
Dedicated community.
Easy listing process.
Potential for higher earnings with multiple items.


Limited to adult-oriented content.
It may require extra discretion and privacy measures.

14. Feet Lovers Only

Foot Lovers Only is a unique online community and website. Foot Lovers Only is a friendly community and marketplace where foot lovers buy and sell custom foot pictures, videos, shoes, and socks online.

This website provides a safe and inclusive space for people selling foot photos. More than 1 million customers are connected to this website, so you get a market of customers interested only in foot-related matters.

Here, you will have to purchase a subscription for $14.99, but after doing so, you will keep 100% of the money earned from the sale. Seller registration is free.


A diverse range of items to sell.
Dedicated community.
Easy listing process.
Potential for higher earnings with multiple items.


Membership Charges
Limited options for direct monetization.

15. Personal E-Commerce Website:

Setting up your personal e-commerce website gives you complete control over your brand and sales. You will not have to share a portion of your revenue with any platform.

The fastest and easiest way to get started is with Shopify. After creating this website, you just have to upload a picture of your feet on the website and decide their price.

After this, you have to promote your website. To promote it, you will have to create accounts on social media. Social media lets you connect customers interested in feet photos to your website.


Full control over branding and pricing.
Potential for higher profit margins.
Establish your unique niche.
No platform fees.


Requires technical skills for website setup.
Building an audience from scratch can be challenging.

Who buys feet pics?

There are many legitimate businesses and industries where photographs of feet are used. These businesses often require photographs of feet, and if these companies go for a separate photo shoot, it becomes very expensive. Therefore, people doing this type of business show interest in buying feet pictures online.

  • Shoe stores and online retailers often use photographs of feet to display their products.
  • Podiatrists may use photographs of feet for educational purposes, patient documentation, or marketing their services to potential clients.
  • Companies that produce orthopedic shoes, insoles, and other foot-related medical products use images of feet to demonstrate this.
  • Used by fitness instructors, yoga instructors, and studios to demonstrate proper posture and alignment of feet during exercise.
  • Spas and pedicure salons use photos of feet to showcase their services and nail art designs.
  • Footwear designers and manufacturers use images of feet to showcase their innovative designs and materials.

How to sell feet pics

If you are considering selling feet photos or engaging in this type of business, it is essential to prioritize your security, privacy, and legal compliance.

To sell your foot photos online, follow these procedures!

  • Ensure your feet are clean, well-groomed, and in good condition.
  • Use good lighting and a decent camera to take high-quality photos.
  • Experiment with different angles and poses to create a variety of images.
  • Choose a platform to sell your foot photos.
  • Decide on your pricing structure. 
  • Use social media, forums, or other online communities where potential buyers may gather to promote your portfolio.

How Much Income Do People Make By Selling Feet Pics?

Do you want to know how much money you can make by selling feet photos? The income people make from selling feet photos can vary widely depending on many factors, including the demand for such photos, the quality of the photos, marketing efforts, and the platforms used for sales.

On platforms like Only Fans and Fitpinder, some people are earning more than $ 4000 per month. It depends on you to earn money by selling feet pictures. How much time are you devoting to this work, and how creatively are you taking pictures of your feet and uploading them on the website?

Selling feet pics is not easy, but if you do this work continuously for some time, you can master it, and after that, you can easily earn dollars.

List of people earning money by selling pictures of feet

Jason Stromm : Man from Arizona is earning money by selling the images of his feet on social media. Named Jason Stromm, he has 4,915 followers on Instagram.

What Kind Of Feet Pics Sell?

The types of feet photos sold may vary depending on buyers’ preferences. Customers who buy feet photos have different interests; some people buy them for sensuality, and some for business use.

Here are pictures of some common types of feet that are sold:

Clean and Well-Groomed Feet: Many buyers prefer feet that are clean, well-groomed, and with neat toenails. Such customers use these photos in footwear, spas, etc.

Nail Art: Feet with well-done nail art, such as painted toenails, nail polish, or creative designs, can be popular. Such pictures are mostly bought by companies that manufacture nail polish and artificial nails.

High Heels and Shoes: Some buyers are interested in wearing different types of shoes on the feet, especially high heels, sandals, or boots.

Sole Close-ups: Close-up shots of the soles of the feet, especially if they are soft and smooth. Such pictures are mostly demanded by those companies that manufacture creams to make the feet look beautiful.

Toes and Toe Rings: Toes, toe rings, or toe jewelry designs are becoming very popular as they are mostly used in jewelry-making.

Dirty Feet or Foot Fetish: There is a niche market for dirty or dirty feet pictures. Some buyers only like the dirty feet picture.

Foot Massage or Pampering: Images depicting foot massages, pedicures, or other forms of pampering can be attractive. The demand for these photos is very high because beauty parlors and salons have opened in every country and city, which are always in search of good-looking feet photos.

Custom Requests: In taking pictures of feet, people can ask you to take specific photos. The value of such pictures is also high, and once the customer likes the picture of your feet, he comes again and again to buy such pictures.

Conclusion – Where to Sell Feet Pics for Free

The business of selling feet pics is increasing every day. To do this type of business, you need to know a good platform related to it.

The best choice depends on your goals, comfort level, and the audience you want to attract, whether you choose niche sites like Feetfinder or take advantage of the reach of mainstream platforms like Instagram.

By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, you can make an informed decision and begin your journey of selling feet photos.

Before selling feet pictures, you need to know the rules and regulations of this business, so read about it once.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there age restrictions for selling feet pics?

Yes, you must be of legal age (usually 18 or older) to engage in adult content-related activities on most platforms.

How should I price my feet pics?

Pricing varies depending on factors like the platform, image quality, exclusivity, and your fan base. Research similar listings to determine competitive prices.

How do I protect my privacy when selling feet pics?

Use pseudonyms, avoid sharing personal information, and consider using secure payment methods to protect your privacy.

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