15 Best Feet Pics Ideas That Will Increase Your Earnings

Best Feet Pics Ideas : Till a few years ago, the idea of earning money by selling photos of feet could not be imagined, and even if someone talked about it, it seemed that one was joking.

But currently, as internet use has increased, it has opened many doors for doing business online. One of these is earning money by selling pictures of feet.

If you are looking for creative feet picture ideas, this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you about different methods of drawing feet.

You can also use these methods to take beautiful photographs of your partner’s feet, and if you want to sell pictures of feet, these methods can also be used, and a great photo can be taken.

Feetfinder, one of the best platforms for selling feet pics, has played a significant role in making this industry accessible and profitable. So, if you’re looking to explore this unique opportunity, Feetfinder is a platform you should definitely consider.

So, let’s prepare you for your next photo shoot so you can create great foot photos.

Best Feet Pics Ideas That Will Increase your Earnings

15 Feet Picture Ideas and Tips to sell online

Sand and Sea:

If you want to take a beautiful photo of your feet, you should naturally take the picture. For this, you can go to the seashore to take the best photo by placing your feet on the sand.

Sand and Sea feet

While taking a photo on the beach, pay attention to which direction the sunlight is coming from because if you take a picture in the opposite direction of the sun, that photo will not look good.

Barefoot in Nature:

You can photograph your feet barefoot in the forest, river bank, garden, etc. This will make the photo of your feet in the green grass look very beautiful. This type of photo is mainly liked by those who like living close to the environment.

Barefoot in Nature


Nowadays, even in mobile cameras, a separate camera is provided for excellent microshooting. You can take advantage of this to take close-up photos of your feet.

feet Close-Ups

For this, you can sprinkle some water drops or soil particles on the feet, further enhancing the photo’s beauty.


Find a place at sunrise or sunset where great photos can be taken. At sunrise or sunset, you can take a great photo by raising your feet towards the blue sky, which most people like.


Silhouettes can be incredibly eye-catching and convey mood and emotion.


You can wear high heels to take beautiful pictures of your feet. While wearing high heels, remember which color of high heels looks good on your feet.

High HEELS feet

Wear high heels with a new design, making your feet look more beautiful. All types of people like this type of photograph.

Dirty Feet:

Nowadays, many people like pictures of dirty feet. The demand for these types of photographs is increasing day by day. For this, you can take a photo of the feet jumping in the mud or covered in mud.

Dirty Feet

Some people like photos of feet with ice cream, chocolate, etc. If you take such photos and put them up for sale, there are chances of selling them more.

Dance Moves:

If you take pictures of your feet while dancing, then take pictures of your feet according to different dance poses.

feet Dance Moves

People running dance classes like this type of photo very much, and they use these photos extensively to advertise their dance classes.

Yoga and Relaxation:

You can take beautiful photos of your feet in various yoga poses or while relaxing by the pool, reading a book, or enjoying the serene surroundings and put them online to sell.

Yoga and Relaxation feet

Such a picture is liked by most of the people who run online yoga-related classes. Mostly, these types of photographs remain in demand; hence, there are more chances of selling such pictures.


Use your feet to guide the audience through the visual narrative. You can capture great photos of your feet on a winding path, climbing stairs, or walking toward a destination.

Storytelling feet

Such photographs are primarily used to make cover photos of news channels and books. Such customers pay more money for these photos.


You can take pictures of your feet in different positions while applying lotion. You can keep a box of cream nearby while applying lotion. While taking such photos, be sure to keep lighting in mind because good lighting is essential for a good photo.

Lotion feet

This type of photo is used extensively by lotion manufacturing companies for advertising, and their demand always remains constant.

Seasonal Themes:

Incorporate elements of the current season into your photos. For example, you might place your feet among fallen leaves during the fall or in fresh snow during the winter.

Seasonal Themes

The demand for these types of feet photos depends on the season, so whatever season is in your country, post more photos of the same type.


It can be a bonus point if you have beautiful tattoos on your feet because the demand for this type of photo is very high. Some reputable websites maintain a separate category for this type of photo.

Tattoo feet

This shows how high the demand is for these types of feet pictures. Even if you do not have a tattoo on your feet, you can make a temporary tattoo, take a picture of your feet, and sell it online.


You can take pictures of your beautiful feet while doing a pedicure. For this, you can keep colorful flowers around your feet and take beautiful photos of your feet while doing a pedicure. There is a demand for such pictures all the time.

Pedicure feet

If you succeed in taking a beautiful photo of your feet in this way, then your uploaded image can be sold instantly.


Stockings are close-fitting, variously elastic garments covering the foot to the knee or possibly part or all of the thigh. You can take pictures of your feet wearing this type of clothes.

Nylon feet

The demand for these types of photographs remains all the time. If you create different poses and upload such photos, buyers automatically get attracted to buy such photos.

Nail Polish:

You can take many photos by applying different colored nail polishes on your toenails. Such photos are often in demand by nail polish manufacturing companies.

Nail Poilsh feet

Nail polish manufacturing companies buy such beautiful photos immediately and pay a good amount for these photos.


According to the new trend, many people like the pictures of their feet wearing socks. If you also post a picture of your beautiful feet wearing socks, then there are chances of selling more.

Socks feet

If you post a picture of your feet wearing socks in the winter season, there are chances of more sales. Makeup companies use these types of photos to sell their products.

Photography Tips for Taking Pictures of Beautiful Feet


Lighting is a significant part of any good photograph. The lighting should be good if you want to take beautiful pictures. For good lighting, you can use natural light or the lighting used for photography.


The background of any good photograph is very important. Therefore, when taking pictures of feet, remember the environment according to that theme; if the background is not good,, the images will not look good.

Use a wide aperture (low f-stop) to blur the background, making your legs stand out.


Keep your feet and any shoes or props in focus. If your camera is not able to focus automatically, use manual focus. If you do not focus on the feet, then the picture of the feet may appear blurry, which will not be good at all.


Integrate props or elements from the environment to enhance the story you’re trying to convey. These props tell the story of your photo without the need for your words.


How the photos are edited after taking them is very important because if you know how to do good editing, you can make even the most useless images look good. Therefore, it is very important to adjust color and lighting while editing.

Nowadays, many automatic editing software has come, and with their help, you can easily edit your photos.

Creative Experimentation:

Photography is an art, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques, styles, and concepts. Push your creative limits to make your photos unique and thought-provoking.

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Bottom Line

Nowadays, selling feet pictures online has become a profession for people. You cannot become rich overnight by selling feet pictures online, but you can earn a good income after putting in some effort.

If you also want to earn income by selling pictures of your feet, you will have to take beautiful pictures of them and upload them regularly.

You will have to promote with the help of social media; only then can you be successful in this business. To take a good picture, read the tips given by us carefully.

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